July 202 Production Update

27TH July 2020


Dear Customer,

Rose Roofing would like to take the opportunity to update all our customers on our current order and lead time situation.

During the global pandemic, the roofing felt market has seen unprecedented increases in demand. This has created a situation where demand for product has exceeded supply capacity across the industry. Daily we are receiving orders for more pallet quantities than we can manufacture and despatch.

This situation means that lead times are increasing weekly. Currently we estimate that any order placed now, could be a 6-7 week turnaround. Orders that have already been placed are going to be effected by these conditions. Conservatively we would advise that these orders may now be 3 weeks behind schedule. Rose Roofing unfortunately has a maximum capacity level on production. We are planning production and delivery to the nearest half hour, any unforeseen machine downtime has a huge knock on effect and can explain why delivery dates/times may have changed frequently.

In addition to the above mentioned issues, the supply chain for raw materials has never been required to supply the current levels of demand. During the past month we have experienced issues with the supply of Mineral, Polyester and Glass Fibre.

Rose Roofing is doing everything feasible to mitigate these problems, however, like ourselves, there is no infinite supply of these products. For example; Last week we were without the mineral used for manufacturing shed and polyester shed felt for at least 3 days. Whilst this unprecedented demand continues, we can advise that we will continue to have supply chain issues. Currently we have an order backlog reaching to October, we cannot see a return to normal (Pre COVID) delivery lead times until the new year.

Rose Roofing are trying to manufacture on a 24/7 basis. The process requires skilled and semi-skilled workers, therefore just flexing production capacity is not a simple procedure. During lockdown we managed to work many additional hours, however as lockdown and restrictions have been eased, overtime hours are reducing on a weekly basis. Due to the high levels of overtime hours worked during and after lockdown, we are now experiencing staff and workforce taking their annual leave allowance.

Rose Roofing are currently experiencing a very high number of emails and phone calls regarding orders / deliveries. Please be assured that we are working as fast as possible to schedule your orders for delivery, however with the issues mentioned above it becomes increasingly difficult to give an accurate delivery date. We would advise customers to send emails wherever possible regarding orders, and we will respond with an estimated update within 24 hours.

We would also kindly ask that you please help us by continuing to be patient and understanding of the pressure our staff are experiencing and therefore avoid sending multiple emails or multiple phone calls wherever possible.

For further updates please check back on our social media or visit the news section of our website

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Stay Safe,

Yours sincerely,

Nick Sykes