Flashing Tape

Rose Roofing self adhesive flashing tape, provides a waterproof flashing for use on roofs, porches, conservatories, which bonds securely to brick, concrete, wood, roof tiles, slate, roofing felt and glass.

It is the ideal lead alternative for emergency roof repairs.

Rose Roofing flashing tape is an easy to install, cost effective waterproofer.

To install, simply cut the flashband to the required length, remove the backing paper and lightly press into place. Use a wallpaper roller or similar to ensure good even contact is made with the substrate and the surface.

  • 100mm x 10m
  • 150mm x 10m
  • 225mm x 10m
  • 300mm x 10m
  • 450mm x 10m
  • 600mm x 10m
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